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The Ultimate Guide to Recycling During the Holidays
December 15, 2021

As the Christmas season is upon us once again, you might already be wondering, What is the most environmentally way to dispose of all that holiday wrapping and packaging that piles up so fast over the holidays? Well, wonder no more! Read on for a few of our favourite tips to help you manage the clutter!


How to Handle your Holiday Waste

Wrapping paper: Most wrapping paper can be included with your paper recyclables, but please remove all ribbons and bows, as well as anything foil-lined. Tissue paper used to wrap presents or fill gift bags can be included in your paper recycling as well.

Gift bags: Paper gift bags can be included with your paper recyclables.  Please ensure the handles are removed, as well as any bows and ribbons.  Just like wrapping paper, gift bags with foil lining or non-paper decoration are not recyclable.

Greeting cards: Most greeting cards can be included in your paper recycling. However, if you have received cards that play music or a recorded voice (ooh, fancy!), all the electronics should be removed first.

Packages: Cardboard boxes used for shipping gifts should be broken down, flattened and bundled with other boxes before collection.  Bubble wrap and foam packing peanuts are not recyclable.

“I have no idea what to do with this!”: It happens! If you’re stuck knowing if something is recyclable, you can:


Reuse and Reimagine

Of course, just because something is not recyclable doesn’t mean it’s destined for a landfill! Here is a list of common Christmas gift accruements that you can reuse—and reimagine!—in your future gift-giving endeavours:

Gift bags or bows: These can be re-used for your own gift-giving (or in even more imaginative ways!) As for bows, don’t worry about the adhesive losing its grip: Just re-tape them onto new gifts and no one’s the wiser.

Jewelry, shoe and other boxes: Boxes are easy to reuse and can be a real-time-saver for last-minute gift-wrapping panics, or even kids’ arts and crafts. 

Try ribbons instead of just auto-wrapping everything: Not all presents need flashy paper. Sometimes, the simple flourish of a ribbon or bow can be enough for the right gift.

Make your own gift tags: By using gift wrap or old gift bags, a homemade tag makes a present all the more personal! 

Tree ornaments: Most of these are not recyclable, but old ornaments can be reused in many fun ways.  For a festive centrepiece, find some with similar patterns and throw them in a bowl. Add some flowers, candles or even some potpourri. For clear ornaments, add small bits of felt or yarn and fill the inside of the ornament to give it a new look. Whatever you choose, be creative! 


We want to thank all of you for your business and support during the past year. From all of us at Valley Waste, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!