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Working as a Driver at Valley Waste & Recycling
February 10, 2022

If you are seeking a steady and satisfying job in the waste management industry with an established local company, we might have just the opportunity for you.

Valley Waste has been serving the Fraser Valley for over 20 years and, through it all, we’ve been proud to keep the streets clean, provide exceptional customer service, and support the communities we serve. We have several lines of business, and we are looking for great people to join our various divisions.


front end garbage truck picking up garbage bin


Our solid waste division includes curbside, front-end and roll-off. For residential curbside, collectors work alone or in pairs, picking up waste and recyclables from homes, strata’s, and apartment complexes. Our front-end garbage and recycling crews help clear waste bins from business complexes, strata’s, warehouses, and farms, and our roll-off crews help clear waste from residential and commercial projects such as renovations, construction sites, and demolition.

Our liquid waste collectors also work alone or in pairs and include our toilet, septic and hydrovac departments.


white hydro excavation vac truck


The jobs in each division have specific demands and require several necessary skills. You need to be personable, able to handle driving in cramped quarters, be comfortable navigating unfamiliar streets, and confident in operating hydraulics.

Depending on the division you work in, some shifts will see you in and out of your vehicle several hundred times per day. In that vein, drivers and swampers need to be relatively fit. This work is performed outdoors in all types of weather conditions and includes working on statutory holidays and weekends.

Although it’s not always the easiest job, our best drivers take pride in the work they do. They know that each and every day they are performing a vital service, not only for our customers but also our local communities.