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5 Tips for Better Recycling (and Reusing!) Your Construction Waste
June 23, 2023

Today in Canada, construction and demolition waste generated by the construction industry accounts for 27 percent of the total municipal solid waste disposed in landfills. That’s a lot, especially when over 75 percent of what the industry generates as waste has a residual value, meaning it could be recycled, salvaged and/or reused. We’d like to share a few tips with you on how to do just that!

Plan ahead

It sounds simple, but a little preparation ahead of any job can dramatically cut the amount of waste you’ll need to dump. Think about what materials you might reuse rather than scrap and choose materials that can be recycled at the end of the project. It’ll save you money and time, and it limits your job’s negative environmental impact.

Practice on-site recycling

You have the chance to set a high environmental standard for all your projects by simply adding on-site recycling to all your work plans. Outfit your sites with appropriate containers for recyclable waste and instruct your crew to use them. Demonstrating this kind of leadership sends a clear message to your employees—and clients—that you take this issue seriously.

Don’t demolish it—deconstruct it

Assess your project for any materials that you can remove and reuse. Rather than knocking things down, look for materials that you can salvage and incorporate. Bonus: Materials that you can reuse but are not needed for a project may be taken elsewhere for another job or auctioned to raise more funds.

Build back better

The smartest way to recycle construction waste is to integrate it back into the new site. This doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, in many remodeling projects, walls are not necessarily demolished. They may simply be redecorated, moved, or reconfigured.

Stay local

Find a nearby recycling depot for all your junk reprocessing needs. This guarantees your waste is handled according to all local regulations and won’t harm the environment. We recommend working your recycling stops into your overall work schedule. By making it part of the routine it cuts down on lost time and wasted gas—and that’s good for the environment, too.

At Valley Waste & Recycling, we have a strong track record of supporting the environment and helping our clients do the same. If you’re in need of a convenient way to move junk and recyclables from your job site, we’ve got a number of roll-off bin rental options that can help. Call us today to talk some trash—and how to reduce it!