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valley waste portable toilet seen in a park
Portable Washroom Rentals for Savvy Event Planners
September 30, 2022

It’s a truth we’ve all known since our own potty training, but rarely discuss in polite company: Everyone uses the bathroom. However, that doesn’t mean you can always find one when needed, or access a working one that’s close and convenient. That’s where portable toilets — and our team — come in.
Today’s portable toilets are a game-changer for large social events, outdoor festivals, and work sites. They are convenient, environmentally friendly, and—most importantly—offer safe storage and disposal of human waste.

Some of today’s toughest jobs are simply unimaginable without PTs. For example, portable toilets at a construction site provides easy access to restrooms for workers while also protecting the site itself. They’re especially important if a job site is in a remote area, far removed from amenities.
Portable toilets aren’t all work and no play, however. Special events, such as weddings or music festivals, can bring many people together very quickly in a very small space. Portable toilets are therefore a necessity to help complement the existing facilities. Savvy event planners know how quickly a happy crowd can turn a bit sour thanks to long washroom lines, so porta-potties have saved more than one special day.

(On that note: As a rule, we recommend renting one portable toilet for every 15 people you are hosting. Some might recommend more, some less, but through our experience we believe this is a number suitable for most of our clients’ needs.)

Regardless of the work or event, if you need portable toilets, you need to carefully consider where they will be placed. You need a flat, dry surface, but also must ensure access is convenient with an appropriate number of accessible toilets as well. They should be kept clear from food services and be discreet in placement, but also still visible to your guests. Finally, maintenance vehicles need to have easy access to them for-post event pick-up and cleaning, but they must not be blocking or impeding any emergency vehicles that may have to enter your site.

In short, while the portable toilet is a simple solution to an age-old problem, there is still much to consider when ordering yours! Valley Waste offers complete portable toilet servicing for festivals, special events to construction and agriculture sites, and we offer daily, weekly, monthly and long-term rentals for our customers from Hope through the Lower Mainland. We’re happy to answer your questions—please get in touch!