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commercial front end waste removal
The Truck that Changed Waste Removal Forever
July 7, 2022

Front End Loader Garbage Trucks: Today’s Waste Management Workhorse

Thanks to the major booms in technology and industry in the mid-20th century, production grew, jobs increased, and the global economy saw unheard-of prosperity. All that good news meant that there was one significant drawback, however: There was a massive spike in waste production. A new way to safely handle and remove all that garbage was needed, and in 1952 an answer was found.

The Introduction of Front-End Loaders

Mechanized front-end loader (FEL) garbage trucks first came to market as the automated solution to waste collection. Originally designed to serve residential areas, their versatility soon saw them handling major commercial jobs, changing the face of modern waste removal forever.

Today, commercial business containers are between 2 and 8 yards and are most often stored in enclosed outdoor areas, secured by locks and/or blocked off with gates. These are picked up by a commercial FEL, whose forks raise the container and dump the contents into a hopper behind the truck’s cab. After setting the container down, the FEL compacts the trash within the hopper using a push blade. The load is then hauled to a transfer station or a landfill.
Front-end Waste Removal Trucks

The Modern-Day Front-End Waste Removal Truck

Today’s modern trash trucks are so common in our neighbourhoods and business parks that there is even a popular animated children’s show about one. But in the real world, they offer some serious grown-up advantages:

  1. Versatility: Known for their commercial uses in emptying dumpsters and large waste containers, front-loading trucks can also do double duty as municipal or residential waste haulers—as was their original purpose!
  2. Value: FELs focus on basic technology, matched with a robust build and ease of use for almost any driver. They’re reliable and consistent—more of a waste industry workhorse than a fancy thoroughbred.
  3. Capacity: Most FELs can haul more than 8000 kilograms of trash. That means less time on the road, easing both traffic congestion and environmental impact.


Fraser Valley Commercial Waste Management

At Valley Waste, we offer a wide selection of front-end bins ranging from 2 to 8 yards in size, ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Coupled with our comprehensive FEL service, we’re uniquely placed to serve all your waste and recycling needs. Get in touch for a free consultation, and to learn what our FEL workhorses can do for you!